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Project Description


Walking closet or dressing room is a space that allows you to categorize and separate clothes, bags and shoes, accessories, suitcases and … in the best way. Includes various classifications at different heights, regal for hanging clothes, embedding space for storing shoes, accessories related to jewelry and watches and the like, safe and…

Walking closet is a space that is personalized and designed to suit your needs. A space where everything can be arranged and separated with ease. So that at a glance you can recognize the place of anything in the closet space. Walking closet actually allows you to access all your clothes and wearable at any time.


The history of walk-in closets and closets dates back to the 16th century in France. Where placing a wall closet in the home became popular among the upper class families of the community. Of course, this style of wardrobes can also be seen around England around 1550 AD. Of course, the Walking Closet at the time was more like a small private room than today’s closets. In fact, it was more of a study space, a place for clutter, books, or ammunition. With the formation of the Industrial Revolution and the ability to produce a variety of tools, equipment and clothing, the design of the walking closet was also affected. Now people were able to buy more. And they needed a certain space to store them. Of course, it took years to change the model and design of the walking closets in their modern form.


The modern walking closet was an idea that first came to Americans around the 1840s. Of course, as we have said, Europeans used this element in their homes many years ago. But the modern walking closet in its present form can be considered an American invention. The design of walk-in closets gradually became a standard feature in home design in the United States. Of course, although the idea of ​​installing a walking closet in homes in the United States and around the world was growing and growing, many people did not pay much attention to this element.


In fact, it was not until 1950, after World War II, that the modern Walking Closet came to the fore. And seriously became an integral part of interior design concepts. The economic boom of the United States in those years after World War II made the design of wall cabinets more and more important. The high economic level of American families led them to buy larger homes. Many people went to the suburbs and bought large villas. And the higher their standard of living, the more they thought about a space to fit everything.

Walking closet to this day is still one of the favorite elements of every housewife. And it is getting more advanced over the years. Of course, it is not possible to allocate a separate room or space for categorizing and arranging clothes for everyone. However, it is a very suitable, beautiful and practical solution to decorate the living space.


The design of the modern walking closet of this project, which has been implemented in a 300-meter house located in the 24-meter neighborhood of Saadatabad, Tehran, by the Mood group, is remarkable in many ways. In this article, we intend to review the design points of this space together.

In the design of this walk-in-closet, instant access to all the equipment is the main pillar. The supervisor has the possibility to have high visibility and access to all parts of the closet in an instant. In fact, glass doors with aluminum profiles and interior lighting of walk-in closets make this possible. So that we do not have to open the doors one by one and look inside them to find a special dress. Placing smoked glass on the doors helps to avoid this much irregularity in case of clutter inside the closet. Of course, at the same time, the use of glass doors subconsciously forces you to observe order in the placement of clothes.

The use of oak color as the interior body of the color palette wardrobe completes this room beautifully and gives it warmth.


The aluminum profile door made in this Walk-in-closet is definitely the first thing that catches the eye of the audience. The black aluminum profile door has used a special beauty in this project. The beauty that is doubled in combination with the optical glass shelves inside the cupboard with black profile. In designing this cupboard, two types of opening mechanisms have been used for the doors. Normal opening door and door with rail opening. Mood Group has used special profiles to execute the opening doors. These profiles are designed so that the door glass is placed on them. So you can see the black frame of the profile actually from behind the glass. This issue has given a special elegance to the implementation.

Another issue that is a challenge in the implementation of these types of profiles is the discussion of the type of hinge used in it. In fact, since the profile used in these doors is 2 cm by 2 cm, it is not possible to install a normal hinge on it. Therefore, to implement this plan, Mood’s technical team has used the secret hinges of the Italian Salice.

In the implementation of the rail doors section, Mood team has used special mechanisms of Fantoni brand. So that the observer is not able to see the mechanism itself.


The interior lighting of the cupboards is of great importance. As you can see in the photos, this walking closet is fully lit. I like the glass optical shelves with the black metal frame in the meantime. Of course, you can not easily ignore the minimal beauty of linear lights that are built-in. All these lights can be controlled and adjusted by eye and touch sensors.

The design of the safe, the dress drawer, the accessories related to the placement of jewelry and rhinestones, the wicker basket of clothes and the rectangular black regals are other points that can be mentioned in this beautiful and modern walking closet.

To view other parts of the project include kitchen cabinets, bar and TV Place click on the link.

Technical specifications of Saadat Abad residential project
 I. cabinet style :  Modern- Minimal
 II. Color spectrum :  Oak design + black
 III. Cabinet door material  :  Black aluminum profile with 4 and 6 mil smoked glass
 IV. Cabinet inside material  :  Melamine veneer MDF with oak design
 V. Lighting  :  Built-in linear light with optical sensor + optical glass shelf with black profile with adjustable touch sensor
 VI. Fittings  :  Concealed hinge + Fantoni concealed rail mechanism + Fantoni  drawer
 VII. accessories  :   Safe box
 VIII. Handle & bottom molding : Aluminum with Black color
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